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Without raising funds, mortgaging your dream home or borrowing from dear ones.


This program is designed based on years of research, innovation methods, and field-tested process that will help you design, launch and run a new business to earn One Crore in revenue irrespective of whatever could be the reason that you dreamt of fulfilling for becoming an entrepreneur.

Achieving entrepreneurial success requires knowing the process and working smartly hard to build the company. If you are not following the process, you are falling into the death trap like the other 90% startups that fail. In this field-tested, entertaining and powerful process-driven workshop and hackathon, Ishwar will teach you the proven breakthrough system that guarantees you greater levels of peak performance and entrepreneurial success.

Past Workshops

Here is how this program will help you think, brainstorm, plan and launch your startup?

You will be able to disple the myth about the entrepreneurship and develop the mindset necessary to launch a new business.

  1. You will be able to develop awesome products that your customers will love.
  2. Your product value will increase and be 10x better than your competition.
  3. Your business will become profitable, with proven and impressive revenue.
  4. You will prepare essential structural elements of every aspect of your business, including legal and structural processes.
  5. You will guide your efforts based on the revolutionary startup launch checklist.

Participating in this workshop or hackathon will prepare you to build the confidence and commitment, on idea development, brainstorming, asking right questions and seeking answers, making decisions, building the right team and taking necessary actions to achieve breakthrough entrepreneurial success.

Half-day Zero to One Crore Workshop (Complimentary option available for select institutions)

The half-day workshop will prepare entrepreneurs who’re thinking of launching a new venture or scale their existing venture with the essential mindset, methods, and tools for running a profitable business and generate one crore in revenue. With the help of our revolutionary workbook and our training, you can quickly assess the opportunities and risks, build product/market fit product and develop strategies that inspire confidence at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

Are you thinking of launching a new product in a new market, or just disrupting an existing marketplace? With the right set of tools, methods and management techniques, we will prepare you for anything. Are you ready to kickstart your journey?


5-Day Zero to One Crore Hackathon

The aim is to help you discover your big picture. You will brainstorm a customer-centric product proposition, build a working prototype, develop your business plan, create a marketing strategy and launch a checklist. You will get a chance to have a 1-1 training with a fast-growing startup team which will help you assess your strategy and inspire confidence to boost your business success.


Schedule 30-minute meeting to validate your idea and discuss how you can use our field-tested approach to launch your company.

Download "Zero to One Crore" brochure to learn more about our offer and what you will get from it.