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Build and launch your startup business

Zero to One Crore is a revolutionary workshop for people interested to start a business. It aims at helping people master field-tested 6-step startup process to kick-start their journey using revolutionary brainstorming techniques and game-changing strategies for starting a business and earn one crore in revenue.

Proven Idea to Startup Process

6-Step process for ideation, product development, business planning and launch management

Real-world business ideas

During the workshop, work on real-world ideas and convert it to a market-ready prototype

Engaging Games & Activities

Engaging and relevant games, activities and competition for getting the motivation to forge ahead.

Outcome driven

Revolutionary techniques and game-changing strategies to build and launch the successful startup.

The workshop has been organized at leading institutions across country with rave review

Since our launch in Oct-2016, the workshop has been conducted at CIIE, IIM-Ahmedabad, SP-TBI, Mumbai, NASSCOM 10000 Startup Warehouse, Pune, IIIT-Hyderabad, Banasthali Vidyapith,91Springboard, Mumbai, St. Francis Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, and many more…


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Here is how this workshop helps you to think, brainstorm, plan and launch your startup

Module 1: Startup Founders Mindset

The transformation, actions, and decisions needed to see your business reach where you want it to be. You will define the focus necessary for you to launch and grow your business.

Module 2: Ideation and Brainstorming Techniques

The business model process of transforming ideas into a market-ready product in a way that you present the strong value proposition to attract, convert and retain the customer.

Module 3: Product Development for Seizing Market Opportunities

Apply strategic efforts to create breakthrough solution that solves customer problem in a meaningful way to seize the untapped market opportunity.

Module 4: Business Planning for Zero to One Crore

Define, identify and deploy resources for efficiently and effectively converting the opportunity to market success.

Module 5: Marketing and Sales for Startup

Bootstrapping and growth-hacking techniques to build traction, engagement, and conversion to attract right customer for your business.

Module 6: Startup Pitch Deck to Attract Investors

You will need the pitch deck during the meetings with potential investors, customers, partners, and co-founders. Prepare your pitch deck that helps you attract the stakeholders to participate in your venture success.

Module 7: Launch Checklist

A right business structure, legal, organization structure and the launch checklist together stack up overwhelmingly in your favour to launch and run your business successfully.

This is what the participants say about


"This workshop gives clarity on what has to be done and preparation needed to be an entrepreneur. The presenter was interactive and used combination of theoretical background and practical examples for content and answering questions. "

krishnan mittal

Krishnan Mittal

Founder and CEO, Unfurl Technologies

"Being an entrepreneur myself, this workshop has helped me know what I could have done better at the time of launching my business some years back. The process driven areas like competitive analysis and other business models that were covered in depth was not something that was worked upon earlier. But now we would be able to apply that in our business."

Sarvesh Prasad

Sarvesh Prasad

Co-founder, Dee’s Alley & Student @ CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad

"The information received was very easy to understand and gave a lot more clarity on start-up entrepreneurship in a very simplified manner. The practical knowledge shared in terms of business model, industry examples and corporate MNCs were very apt and to the point."

amit kharat

Amit Kharat

Post Graduate Teacher in Radiology Informatics & PhD Research Guide and Enterpeneur @ NASSCOM, Pune

"Using not only the theory but also practical games and imparting knowledge."

Saurav Dugar

Saurav Dugar

Student @ IES Management College and Research Centre

"The angle of looking towards a business was so unique & helping to strategize a business problem"

Akshay Pahade

Akshay Pahade

Student @ NMIMS University

"The pratical knowledge provided in the form of a competition helped in acknowledging our faults & strenghts"

Rinu Shri Garg

Rinu Shri Garg

Student @ Banasthali University

"Brought fresh ideas to the table of how to build a startup. Different from other workshops."

Jayendra Kamat

Jayendra Kamat

Student @ K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research

"Resourceful, Knowledge gaining, detail information for starting business."

Kajal Kanswal

Student @ St. Francis Institute of Management & Research

"Lot of information in a one session; gives enough food for thought for better clarity."

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Rohit K R

Student @ IIIT, Hyderabad

"Teaching or suggesting the views in practical way. Giving friendly hand to the student just not treating us as a only listener"

Anshika Singh Chauhan

Student @ IIIT, Hyderabad

"Clarity for startups, students & also for entrepreneurs running small business."

dummy image

Sai Kishore

Student @ IIIT, Hyderabad

"This workshop has helped me formulate my idea. The immediate interaction with Mr. Ishwar Jha has helped me structure my thoughts to present my idea to a venture capitalist whom I would be meeting shortly. It has also given me a lot of information on ideation and scaling up my new start-up idea."

Akash Lakdawala

Akash Lakdawala

Student @ Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad

"The session was very knowledgeable and could relate to 90% of things of the things covered in the workshop. The remaining 10% of the information provided will enable me to fill the gaps in running my business. It also gives me some ready solutions to put the missing pieces in my business together. I feel that this session would have been very useful for me if I had attended it 6 months before when we were starting our business."

Ajit Jagannthan

Ajit Jagannthan

Founder & Director @ My Purple Fit

"I liked the presentation style and the examples that were used to explain how to build your business and its working. The step-by-step approach explained in detail in the presentation was very useful."

Rohanak Naidu

Rohanak Naidu

Program Manager @ Spark10 Startup Accelerator

"The workshop was very informative. In fact I myself need to prepare a lot and feel that some of the examples shared were very innovative, practical and up to date.."

Bindu Madhav

Bindu Madhav

Director, YDER Global @ Centre For Incubation & Entrepreneurship, IIIT-Hyderabad

"The root basics were refreshed & confidence on use & application of the basics was reinculcated. so roots are imp - Is the msg I received."

Dr. Reshma Sagari

Entrepreneur @ Saturday Club, Nasik

"The activities & the business plan presentation. Presenting the ideas & knowing more about startups."

dummy image

Siddharth Varangaonkar

Student @ Acropolis Technical Campus

"I liked the way sir conducted the workshop & involved the listeners & also interactions"

Sampada Kulkarni

Sampada Kulkarni

Student @ Acropolis Technical Campus

"The presenter was really good enjoyed the startup session most"

Jigyasa Dave

Student @ Acropolis Technical Campus

"I enjoyed the activity.The best part was getting knowledge about business canvas. Most appreciatable was that sir invoked our ideas which were not recognisable by us."

Geetanjali Kori

Student @ Acropolis Technical Campus

"It was a good workshop. I learnt many things like taking risk & accomplishing our dreams."

dummy image

Aditya Singhai

Student @ Acropolis Technical Campus

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