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Your success today mostly depends on the way you deal with the people around you. Whether you call them family, friends, partners, customer, or employee - they all are people.

People help you vet and get introduced to possible allies and trust connections.
It's people who understand you, your aspirations and correlate them with the market realities.
It's people who help you track the risk attached to a given opportunity.

You need to forge the relationships with people because of everything you wish to get achieved boils down to interacting with people.

It's people who control resources, opportunities, information and everything else. And your level of success in this world greatly depends on your commitment to empathy.

Empathy is a way to conduct yourself in a very compassionate and respectful way, seeing how the receiver is feeling; how do they see the situation. How receivers hopes, dreams and needs are met.

To pursue empathy is to communicate in a definitive, belief based, authoritative and convincing point of view. It is like when you communication, people feel that you've understood their feelings well. It's like you saying, "I want to give you what you need, want and deserve."

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