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file5901256161591The sage of steady mind "One who is not disturbed in mind even amidst the threefold miseries or elated when there is happiness, and who is free from attachment, fear and anger, is called a sage of steady mind." Bhagawad Gita 2.56

I realised that whenever I begin the day thinking of simply being happy - I start feeling of becoming lazy, do nothing, relax, etc. and whenever i opt to live like this I get more frustrated and uncomfortable. Our everyday comprises of highs and lows, positives and negatives, pleasantries and surprises.

Knowing this as part of our everyday living focus on well-rounded, seasoned, savoured life is what we should aim for. I realise that happiness is part of completeness but so is sadness, difficulty, frustration. You cant eat bland food for too long, you need to add spices to make food delicious and complete.

If someone ask, are you struggling and making, the answer is "yes". I am a bullock and I know I have to pull the cart called life - be it winter or summer, plane surface or hurdled terrain. The feelings of happiness and fulfillment are nice when they happen, and they are needed, but they don’t strengthen me they are like a milestone in my journey.

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