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School is a place where you go and learn something you do not know. You are not here to learn lessons but to experience the knowingness.

You have learnt enough of concepts, ideas, principles and practices but unless you experience these learnings into your life, these all remains just as your knowing and as you know knowing fades over the time. Your life is an opportunity for you to experientially know what you already know conceptually. You must experience knowingness by putting up the concept which you know already.

Lets get a bit deeper in understanding the concept.

You know that you are a generous person, but unless you do some act of generosity your concept of generosity has no meaning.

You have learnt a great idea which can transform yours and many lives but unless you go out of the building and execute your idea, it is just an idea in your mind.

Remember, your mind is seeded with the concept by god, but unless you convert the concept into experience, it is nothing but the speculation. Speculation of a rescue fantasy that your idea someday, somewhere your idea will make the world and worldly people life change.

God Krishna has taught this lesson of experiencing the knowingness to Arjuna who went on to fight the war of Mahabharata to establish the righteousness by winning over the evil. If god Krishna would have decided to do the same, it'd have been the matter of minute.

So, today, go forth, go out of your building and experience our knowingness.

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