In this section you have to clearly describe the products and services your business will provide. Explain the characteristics and / or functions of the product or the individual components of your service. Particularly in the case of technical products or services it is important to include a few sentences about the areas of application, i.e. where the product or service will be deployed. This also includes statements about the technical development status and the patent and license situation.

Product and Services section should describe the elements and details that make your business unique and different (or better) from your competition.

  • Present what is innovative about it and what sort of lead you have over the competition
  • Explain how your offering stands out from already existing ones and which opportunities there could be for developments
  • Explain the manufacturing process and what capacities and investments are needed to achieve the targeted sales volumes
Key Questions
  • The stage and status of your product or service. Is it ready? Is it under development? What is the timeline of the launch?
  • The outline of your unique selling point. What makes it different from the competition?
  • The pricing strategy. Do you have discounts? Premium packages? How is the discount affecting the profit?
  • The breakdown of your budget
  • The manufacturing procedure of your product. Do you have an agreement with an external manufacturer?
  • Your material sourcing strategy
  • Challenges you foresee in your business (including financial during low seasons).
  • Patents, copyrights and any trademarks your product requires.

Make a copy using Google Docs-> File->Make a copy option.

Additional Tips:

  • Bring out what is special about your product/service
  • Show how your product or service satisfies client needs and expectations
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