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From fear of emptiness to joy of happiness

I know how difficult it is to let go of something or someone because of the emptiness that it creates. Recently, I was driving my son to his engineering college in Pune and on the way, i was thinking about 17 years ago when I was carrying him home from the hospital after his birth and that day I was dropping him away for his studies. And I remembered my own past when I left my father to build my life and career.

I started visualising the positive aspects relating the context with my own learning of past and I was bloomed with new hopes and aspiration of shaping my son as a bright young global citizen and this thinking helped me console and feel happy.

I advise you to not hold on to the things just because of the fear of emptiness. Whenever you are in such situation, begin visualising the positive side of things, the new hope, the new opportunities and the new kind of happiness that will come in your life.

Loosen up a bit today and everyday and begin a new you with full of hopes, possibilities and experiences. Life is but all about hopes, possibilities and experiences, every moment.

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