Lots of time, many people would have asked you one common question, "What I want to be when I grow up?"
You'd have answered many things under the pretext that you'd not show that you are here for a small bet.

Today, I want to tell you something more valuable, "Never grow up. Period." Because your life is not one chapter. To complete your life book, you will have to write many chapters. Instead, live like a "blank piece of paper and beginners mind."

When you are like a blank piece of paper, you can do many things - you can draw, write poetry, sketch a picture, make a paper boat, fly a paper plane, etc. etc. Only one warning: Don't dirty yourself by accumulating the bad and the blemish on your life.

And while you are on your flow to write your living story; from time to time:
- Assess your life to find out where you are.
- Decide what area to take action on, and start gathering options.
- Keep prototyping your future self 5 - 10 years from now. Remember that there’s no failure, just continuous progress towards your destination.
- Choose to think and live in ways that focus on living your life like a hero does.
- Maintain a mindset of joyous life in which you learning, growing and having fun.

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