Made Not Born

“You are born original, don’t die a copy.”

Sounds so much interesting and promising. Right.

After spending 9 months inside the womb in a downward direction placed between urine, excreta, and suffered a lot by the heat and smell, when you entered the world, it was such a pleasant feeling getting the grand reception from your mother, father, family, and relatives.

Everyone had a dream about you. Everyone wanted you to be the best version of them. But, as you grew, you started facing the limiting beliefs, restrictions, rules, social values, peer pressure and other real-life challenges.

You forgot the original you. You are now nothing else but a body having lost hope, diminished courage, dejection, and low spirit. And to cover it up, you started possessing the false ego, pretention, materialism, and self-boasting.

The life has become a suffering under the grip of despondency that leads to depression and confusion. It’s worrisome to observe our family and friends suffering due to constraints and stigmas. It is common to get vindicated watching the act of sinuous crime in our surrounding. You are nothing but a victim of the rules, guidelines, and laws imposed by few people merely understanding the paradigm under which human potential can bloom.

Can you list out the despondencies you suffer which have become the roadblock for you to not realize your true potential?

Points to Ponder – You’ve already wasted enough of time eating, sleeping, drinking, and wishful thinking – are you taking charge of your life or just made up the mind to die for a penny?

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