This alone shall solve all your problems

A hungry, tired, and empty-handed disciple turns to a monk for help.
After carefully listening to the pain of his disciple, the monk hands him over a shining object.
“This alone shall solve all of your problems provided you reach out to the right person.” says the monk.
The disciple leaves the place in amusement. After a while, he meets a farmer and shows him the precious stone.
He says “I am hungry, tired and empty-handed. It would be kind if you can buy this shining object from me.”
The farmer looks at the shining object and says, “It is none of my use but since you need to feed yourself, I can give you the grains equal to the weight of this object.”
The disciple remembers the words of the monk and leaves the place without making the deal.
After some travel, he meets a grocery merchant. He approaches him, “I am hungry, tired and empty-handed. Would you be able to buy this shining object and in exchange give me necessary things.”
The merchant looks at the shining object and thinks it can help him measure the goods faster. “I can give you sugar equivalent to the weight of the shining object.”
The disciple reminds himself about the statement of the monk and moves ahead.
He travels further to reach out to a small town. He sees a jewelry shopkeeper who’ve in display many similar shining objects. He goes near the shopkeeper, “I am hungry, tired and empty-handed. Would you be able to buy this shining object and in exchange give me some cash.”
The shopkeeper looks at it. He thinks that he can use it to make more pieces of jewelry and earn more money. says, “I will give you Rs. 10,000/- in exchange for the precious stone.”
The disciple continues his search for the right buyer. After a while, he finds a large diamond shop. He approaches the shop owner, “I am hungry, tired and empty-handed. Would you be able to buy this shining object and in exchange give me necessary things.”
The diamond merchant evaluates the shining object. He gets surprised knowing that it is a precious Kohinoor stone for which he doesn’t have the capacity to buy.
He offers a solution, “Gentleman, you are so lucky to own this precious Kohinoor stone. I don’t think I have the money to buy it. However, I can offer you a partnership. We can make high-quality diamond pieces of jewelry from it and sell to people. From our earning, we can expand our business further to become rich and famous.”
The disciple agreed to firm up the partnership and over the period became rich and famous.
Whether you are in the job or business, you need to connect and network with the right kind of people who discovers your true value. Then only you can leverage your real potential and achieve your goals.


Don’t die mad, sad, stressed, confused

During our conversation yesterday, she was sounding tired, hassled and exhausted. I quipped, “Why do you sound like you are excessively tired?”
“Yes, I am. Off late it seems I am surrounded with so many things. My sleep time has reduced to a few hours. I feel like I am working in my sleep too.” Replied she.
Me: “Think that you die in a moment from now. Your dead body is lying on the floor and your soul is looking at your body from up above. What would it say?”
After a momentary pause, I continued “Would it feel proud the way you are treating it inside your body?”
She said, “It is a quite new way to think and take stock of life.”
The question that you should ask: When your efforts are not directed at a cause or a purpose, how do you decide what to do day in and day out?
How do you know what to say no to and what to say yes to?
How do you know when you’ve had enough?
Why you’ve gotten on or off the track which keeps you tired, awake, hassled and hungry?

The answer you should find out is that find your meaning, direct your efforts to it, keep that meaning in view. It’s not the activity that
disturbs you, but false conceptions of things that drive you mad. Don’t die mad, sad, stressed, confused.


The matter about things that don’t matter to you

How much of your time do you waste every day in useless activities, time waster activities, WhatsApp university, and social media distractions? How about you remain standstill contemplating about excitements, anger, ego, greed, lust, pretention, etc.?
When two days in your life is fixed why are you carrying these burdens which keep you overwhelmed and consume your life?
Why don’t you reclaim the remaining time of your life back? Why don’t you learn to say more “No” — as in “No, thank you,” and “No, I’m not going to get caught up in that,” and “No, I just can’t right now.” when you are faced with things that don’t matter to you?
The easy way out to stop wasting yourself and start spending time on the things that really matter to you begins with the realisation.

  • Write down how do you spend your time every day.
  • Strike down the things that you won’t have done.
  • Now, find out the things that you’d have spent more time and got a better result than you’d have.
  • Start planning your day in advance. Every morning spend 15-30 minutes planning your day for the things that matter to you.
  • Write the journal every day highlighting the things that you did to make yourself better, faster or time waster.
  • This will let you live your life for the things that matter most to you and enjoy your life—the life that you want.