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योगक्षेमं वहाम्यहम

अनन्याश्चिन्तयन्तो मां ये जनाः पर्युपासते।
तेषां नित्याभियुक्तानां योगक्षेमं वहाम्यहम्।।9.22।।

भगवान् कृष्ण हमें एक तरह से आश्वासित करते हैं कि जो मनुष्य मेरा चिंतन कर लेता है या जो मेरे भरोसे स्वयं को छोड़ देता है मैं जो उसके पास है और जिन किन्ही दैनिक वस्तुओं की उन्हें जरुरत होती है मैं उसका ख्याल रखता हूँ। इस सन्दर्भ में एक कहानी है जो मुझे काफी प्रभावित करती है:

एक भागवत गीता में प्रकाण्डय पंडित लोगों को घूम घूम कर गीता प्रवचन करता रहता है। एक दिन वो राजा के दरबार में इसी श्लोक पर प्रवचन कर रहा होता है और तरह तरह के उदाहरणों और व्याख्याओं से लोगों को इस श्लोक का अर्थ और भाव समझा रहा होता है। तभी राजा पंडित को टोक देता है, "ओ पंडित जी, मुझे लगता है आपको स्वयं ही इस श्लोक का अर्थ पता नहीं है, आप पहले खुद इसका अर्थ ठीक से समझिये और फिर कल आकर हमें ठीक तरह समझाइये। "

यह सुनकर पंडित व्यथित हो जाता है और उदास भी। वह अपने घर जाता है। पत्नी परेशानी समझ जाती है और पूछ बैठती है, "क्या बात है? आज आप ठीक नहीं लग रहे। क्या परेशानी है जो आप के मन को व्यथित कर रही है? "

पंडित सारी वृतांत पत्नी से बताता है। पत्नी भी राजा के विचार से सहमति जताती है और पूछती है, "राजा बिलकुल सही हैं, आप स्वयं तो इस श्लोक का परिचारण नहीं करते। आप बताइये, आप राज दरबार क्यों जाते हैं?"

पंडित, "ताकि मेरी कथा सुनके राजा और प्रजा प्रशन्न हों, मुझे दक्षिणा दें और मैं परिवार का सही सञ्चालन कर सकूँ। "

पत्नी, "तो क्या आपने भगवान् पर भरोसा किया?"

पंडित को बात समझ में आ जाती है, वह इस श्लोक पर मनन करने के पश्चात् निश्चय करता है की वो राजा के दरबार में कल नहीं जायेगा। सिर्फ भगवान आराधना करेगा। अब कृष्ण की जैसे मर्जी वो वैसे ही रह लेगा।

अगले दिन राजा पंडित को दरबार में न पाकर अपने दूत को पंडित के घर भेजता है और पंडित दरबार में जाने से मन कर देता है, "राजा से कह देना मैंने श्लोक का अर्थ समझ लिया है और अब में खुद को भगवन भगवन चिंतन में समर्पित कर दिया है। "

राजा दूत की बात सुनते ही नंगे पाँव पंडित के पास पहुंचता है, उसके चरणों में गिर जाता है और उसे अपना गुरु बना लेता है।

आप भी स्वयं को भगवान् के चिंतन मनन में लगा के तो देखिये। एक दिन उनके साथ तो रहकर देखिये। एक तू ही भरोसा, एक तू ही सहारा, अब तेरे सिबा कोई और न दूजा ईश्वर या अल्ला मैं बस तुम्हारा चिंतन करता हूँ - हे गिरधर कृष्ण मुरारी।

Enjoy and Be Happy Wherever You Are

Enrich your seat, the enjoyer, and successful, and happy, and strong, and rich, and famous.

You have been craving for long for fulfilling the material desire, and possessing all the riches of the world, and lust, and anger and greed. You have been fighting the war with yourself and you have forgot to remember your true self.

Today, you live like you are the awesomeness of awesome. You are the blossom of lotus flower. You are the only beautiful. You are the most special person of god, the enjoyer, successful, happy, and strong, noble, and rich, and famous. Who on earth is your equal?

It is understandable that your mind will keep you fleeing away from yourself, but curving back within yourself, you'll create again and again.

Live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else

It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection. ~~~Bhagavad Gita

Everyday be the more of you, you’d like to see in the world.

Life is what we make it and you are born with unique talents and abilities. The only way to live an accomplished life is to believe in yourself, your uniqueness and then act in a manner that carves out YOU.

Never allow yourself to get imitated by someone. That’s the job of an actor and let them do it. You are born original and god has a unique plan for you and your existence.

Whenever you find an opportunity, celebrate your accomplishments, pamper yourself, let go of your past mistakes, steadfast your mind, bring light to your eyes by enforcing better future, let your passion flow in your activities and live in the moment. Instead of anticipating and analyzing about the future, live in the present moment.

Never be afraid of the act unless it strikes you badly. And once you are into the rough weather, pray to the god, use your intellect and you will begin seeing the unveiling of good things.

From fear of emptiness to joy of happiness

From fear of emptiness to joy of happiness

I know how difficult it is to let go of something or someone because of the emptiness that it creates. Recently, I was driving my son to his engineering college in Pune and on the way, i was thinking about 17 years ago when I was carrying him home from the hospital after his birth and that day I was dropping him away for his studies. And I remembered my own past when I left my father to build my life and career.

I started visualising the positive aspects relating the context with my own learning of past and I was bloomed with new hopes and aspiration of shaping my son as a bright young global citizen and this thinking helped me console and feel happy.

I advise you to not hold on to the things just because of the fear of emptiness. Whenever you are in such situation, begin visualising the positive side of things, the new hope, the new opportunities and the new kind of happiness that will come in your life.

Loosen up a bit today and everyday and begin a new you with full of hopes, possibilities and experiences. Life is but all about hopes, possibilities and experiences, every moment.

Never regret the past, forget worrying about the future. Just enjoy the NOW!

violets in the back yard try to reenact the movie scream

"Never regret the past, forget worrying about the future. Just enjoy the NOW!"
--Bhagwad Gita

The best moment of your life is now. Useless are the one who keeps regretting about the past or the future.

One more thing - life is not about your the period you live between your birth and death but, it's about now and the next breath that you are going to take. Live in this moment, feel this moment, feel the goodness, the positivity, the bliss and the wonders which are happening at this moment.

So this very moment, I suggest you to close your eyes. Remain attentive in your inner self. Stay still but attentive. Try to listen to your sensory organs - eyes, ears, touch, feel, listen, taste. You will become alive. You will begin feeling the power of now.

Remember, small steps that you are taking is going to be big and larger than life in near future.

Now, begin living in now...let this very moment be your very moment of now!

To reach the heights of heaven requires firmly strengthened roots

Today morning I was out for a morning walk to the nearby jogging park. Suddenly, my eyes got stuck to a date tree, which I’ve been watching out for last several years.

I can recall that as the date tree is longing to reach the heights of heaven its roots are deepening and strengthening at the grounded level and its trunk remain flat and clutter-free.

Does date tree give me any lesson? Yes, it does. It tells me that if I have to long for scaling heights in my life, I must be deep rooted with the right knowledge, humbleness, relevancy and connections. If I am afraid to do so, I should give up the longing to arrive at the peak.

Really, the higher the aim the deeper the root should go. Height and depth are not two different things but they are too dimensions of the same thing with the same proportion. Always passionately envisioned to accomplish the height complimented with the deep rooted efforts to achieve the ingredients that would fertile the way to achieve the aim.