2-Days Business Planning Bootcamp

by Mr. Ishwar Jha ­ Entrepreneur, Digital Evangelist & Passionate Teacher

Craft your own step ­by­ step actionable business plan

to realize your business vision with a









Book your calendar: 27th April (10:30 am ­ 6:30 pm) & 28th April (9:00 am ­ 6:00 pm)

 Venue: Sorriso Brasserie Mulund West, Mumbai

Registration Fees: Rs. 11,800/­ (inclusive of GST)

Hurry! Seats are limited!

What Will it Include?

Day 1: The dreaming room to re-imagine the future of your business

- Knowing the journey from Idea to IPO to sail the boat in the right direction
- The dream, vision, purpose and mission and the system for realizing it
- Business structure, culture, and people for realizing your vision
- Building the habits of getting focused and getting things done

Day 1 : Sales planning to double your revenue

- Sales plan that presents strong value proposition in front of prospects to command strong pricing leading to strong margins
- A continual stream of lead generation and converting leads to the opportunities to paying customers.
- Cross-selling, up-selling and monetizing customers continually instead of selling just one time
- Efficient and effective dashboard that informs the progress as well as pitfalls

Day 1: Strategic innovation to build your product that customer really want

- Knowing the customer well
- What customer wants
- Competitive Analysis
- Value proposition design and value curve analysis

Day 1: Lunch + Hi-Tea
Day 2: Financial Modelling and Operation Planning For Success

- Developing and aligning business model to achieve income, impact, and success
- Financial modeling to capture market opportunities, support cash flow and make profit visible
- Business planning to guide you to the mission and present your business to the stakeholders
- Discovering strategies for achieving the planned result
- Hiring, retaining and training manpower for the superstar performance

Day 2: Marketing, Branding, and Positioning

- Customer profiling and full market analysis to discover the right customer
- Ways to identify branding and positioning that makes business unique and stand out a crowded industry.
- Develop the marketing plan to reach out to real customers and generate demands.
- Digital marketing strategies for connecting with prospects through social media, email marketing, and PR among other means.
- Marketing collateral design to support the brand positioning

Day 2: Business Blueprint with vision, strategies and actions to achieve the result

- Prepare the action steps and checklist that will support your everyday activity to achieve the planned results
- Review the business blueprint checklist
- A big promise to make the plan happen

Day 2 : Breakfast + Lunch + Hi-Tea

Key Benefits To You

  • Model your business to discover the factors that are impacting your business.

  • Learn and build your business model to realize, describe and maximize the

    business opportunity to fully exploit your potentials.

  • Design a powerful vision for your enterprise regardless of how successful or

    profitable your enterprise.

  • Develop sales strategy and action plan that will double your business using the

    5-step process of compounding effects.

  • At the end of the Bootcamp, you will have in your hands the blueprint that will

    become your guide to take your business from where it is to where you want it

    to be

About Mr. Ishwar Jha

Founder @Appetals, entrepreneur, digital evangelist, and passionate teacher He believes in ethics, speed, and boldness in entrepreneurs. At age 19, He started an IT solutions company to fund his livelihood and educational expenses. He started working as a software coder in 1992 with Patel Roadways Limited and in 2010 he retired from the corporate life as Head of Digital Services at Zee Entertainment.

He has started 3 companies since 2010 including AvaniTV ­ World's First 3G Car TV service company. He now runs Appetals Solutions, a technology innovation company offering revenue and profitability centric solutions to the leading global clients. When he is not busy running his company, he is either doing "Zero to Crore" workshop with entrepreneurs or "Design Your Career Life" workshop with students.

He is on a mission to help 100,000 entrepreneurs and 1 crore students achieve their life goals through training, coaching, mentoring and advisory. He speaks nationwide (sometimes globally) on a range of topics; entrepreneurship, career skills, technology, and spirituality. He has addressed over 50,000 people and the journey continues...

Looking for exponential business growth?
Planning is the first & the most important step.