Being Meaningful

Made Not Born

Your biggest goal is to live every moment of life feeling accomplished. You may call it differently – wealth, freedom, success, etc. You aim to earn money, time, relationship, spirituality and ability to pursue your geniuses. Your life is an adventure to do something every day which can get you closer to one of these things your heart desire.

I remember during the induction program of my first job the employer asked,”What do you think why you are hired for?” Everyone replied claiming their education, intelligence, excellence in specific skills, etc. The employer replied, “You are not hired for any of these, but our company has specific problems and we believe you are well-equipped with the skills, abilities, and interest to solve problems better than many others whom we interviewed for the job.”

This one statement makes it clear to me that to be relevant in any workplace, you need to understand market reality, you need to develop skills that reflect your abilities to deliver substantial value, and knowing the exact system through which you can apply your learning in the real world environment to achieve your life goals.

Know Yourself

Are you happy with whatever you have got in your life? Do you feel accomplished? Are you creating the income, impact, and success you deserve? If not, it is because you have not aligned your interests, skills, and abilities to strive to realize your potential and achieve greatness. You need to analyze and self-reflect to know your true potential and be aware mentally, physically and emotionally to achieve your greatness.

Use the attached template to know your dreams and what you need in order to leverage your geniuses. Instead of settling for a life of mediocrity, take your first step today to craft a life of limitless abundance.

Acquire Skills

There are umpteen amount of avenues of learning the skills necessary for you to deliver greater results skillfully applying your craft.
Find out the training, workshops, and courses that can teach you the vital skills necessary for you.

Enhance Experiences

You need real life experiences to learn and grow your level of expertise through practical experimentations and experiences. When you go out and get things done, it brings positive impact on your credentials and gives you an opportunity to master your craft through real-world experiences.


You have honed your talent, acquired the skills and developed your abilities through meaningful experiences and experiments. You feel that you are a rockstar. Now, you need to lead the terrain by applying it to earn the income, make an impact and achieve your success. You are going to do the stuff better than anybody else because there is no one like you, there is absolutely no one who can do it better than you. Just do it!

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