This alone shall solve all your problems

Ishwar Jha

A hungry, tired, and empty-handed disciple turns to a monk for help.
After carefully listening to the pain of his disciple, the monk hands him over a shining object.
“This alone shall solve all of your problems provided you reach out to the right person.” says the monk.
The disciple leaves the place in amusement. After a while, he meets a farmer and shows him the precious stone.
He says “I am hungry, tired and empty-handed. It would be kind if you can buy this shining object from me.”
The farmer looks at the shining object and says, “It is none of my use but since you need to feed yourself, I can give you the grains equal to the weight of this object.”
The disciple remembers the words of the monk and leaves the place without making the deal.
After some travel, he meets a grocery merchant. He approaches him, “I am hungry, tired and empty-handed. Would you be able to buy this shining object and in exchange give me necessary things.”
The merchant looks at the shining object and thinks it can help him measure the goods faster. “I can give you sugar equivalent to the weight of the shining object.”
The disciple reminds himself about the statement of the monk and moves ahead.
He travels further to reach out to a small town. He sees a jewelry shopkeeper who’ve in display many similar shining objects. He goes near the shopkeeper, “I am hungry, tired and empty-handed. Would you be able to buy this shining object and in exchange give me some cash.”
The shopkeeper looks at it. He thinks that he can use it to make more pieces of jewelry and earn more money. says, “I will give you Rs. 10,000/- in exchange for the precious stone.”
The disciple continues his search for the right buyer. After a while, he finds a large diamond shop. He approaches the shop owner, “I am hungry, tired and empty-handed. Would you be able to buy this shining object and in exchange give me necessary things.”
The diamond merchant evaluates the shining object. He gets surprised knowing that it is a precious Kohinoor stone for which he doesn’t have the capacity to buy.
He offers a solution, “Gentleman, you are so lucky to own this precious Kohinoor stone. I don’t think I have the money to buy it. However, I can offer you a partnership. We can make high-quality diamond pieces of jewelry from it and sell to people. From our earning, we can expand our business further to become rich and famous.”
The disciple agreed to firm up the partnership and over the period became rich and famous.
Whether you are in the job or business, you need to connect and network with the right kind of people who discovers your true value. Then only you can leverage your real potential and achieve your goals.


How do you remind yourself of your duties

Ishwar Jha

You love to keep setting the goals, targets, agendas, and duties, yet caught up in the day to day urgency, you keep forgetting it. Have you ever asked yourself about why it happens?

Arjuna decides to fight the war. He invites Lord Krishna to become his mentor and charioteer. When he approaches the Warfield, seeing his relatives, friends, and acquaintances gathered there to kill each other, he gets infected by the delusion. He tells Krishna “It would, indeed, be better for me, if the sons of Dhrtarastra
armed with weapons, killed me in battle, with me, while I will be
unarmed and unresisting.” BG.1.46

Many people support the arguments presented by Arjuna citing the reason that we live dutybound in this world to safeguard the well-being of our families and relatives. You may not agree with the point of view of Lord Krishna reminding and convincing Arjuna of his duties.

While your mind is mostly occupied to fulfill the needs and wants of yourself and your loved ones, but the love of God is always directed towards the welfare and benediction of all beings. The fact is, that Lord Krsna did not make Arjuna wage war. He reminded him of his duty only. It was Arjuna, who had invited Lord Krsna, to the war front. But seeing his kinsmen on the hostile side, he was turning away from his duty.
Remind yourself of an incident when you planned to go to some place, but by mistake, you are going in the opposite direction. You then happen to meet a person whom you request to guide you with the direction. The latter,
tells you that you have taken the wrong direction, so you should turn back. Here, the person shows you the right direction.

If you are failing constantly in achieving your set goals, targets, plans or objectives; find a mentor like Lord Krishna who can keep reminding you of your direction whenever you have forgotten or lost your path.


Idea to IPO Workshop @ NASSCOM, Technology Club & IT Ministry Govt.- Goa

Another workshop on “Idea to IPO” at TAJ Vivanta Goa organized by Goa Technology Club supported by IT ministry GOA and NASSCOM for emerging entrepreneurs conducted by Mr. Ishwar Jha, kickstarted on Friday 16 Feb 2018.


Idea to IPO Goa by Ishwar Jha


Photo: The association brings together more than 40 entrepreneurs from various sectors and in all stages.

Emerging Entrepreneurs


During the workshop, Mr. Jha shared the secrets of building IPO ready company. The content shared during the workshop was extremely relevant, battle-tested and real stuff – so that one doesn’t need to go through the growing pain that many others are struggling with.


Photo: Entrepreneurs engaged in activities – Drafting their plans to fuel their ideas.

IPO Ready buisness


Idea to IPO Workshop @ Saturday Club, Thane Chapter

More than 80 entrepreneurs of Saturday Club, Thane Chapter joined on 16th August 2017 to understand the journey to build their business from Idea to IPO. Live business case study of one of the startups was taken as a case example to understand the Business Model Canvas and the winner was presented with free “Zero to One Crore” workbook. The business owners were able to examine the challenges faced in shaping their business and also explore ways of defining new market opportunities.

Photo: The startup journey approach being shared by Mr. Ishwar Jha

idea to ipo saturday club thane


Photo: Attendees participating in workshop activity “Self Agreement”idea to ipo saturday club thane


Photo: Participants having discussion on their business ideaidea to ipo saturday club thane


Photo: Winner of Business Ideaidea to ipo saturday club thane


Zero to One Crore Workshop @ NMIMS, Mumbai

Around 50+ attendees gathered for our “Zero to One Crore” workshop held at NMIMS, Mumbai on 31st July 2017 to understand the journey of a startup organization and using live case studies to solve the Lean Canvas. The teams were excited to present their ideas to the panel of judges examining the problem, likely solution and working on the financial projections to get a better understanding of the conceptual knowledge shared with them during the session.

Photo: Mr. IShwar Jha having on-to-one interaction with the participantszero to crore nmims mumbai


Photo: Participants presenting the The Lean Canvaszero to crore nmims mumbai


Photo: Mr. Ishwar Jha presenting the certificates and cash prize to the winnerszero to crore nmims mumbai


Photo: Group photo with the participantszero to crore nmims mumbai