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Know your true nature - are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Do you find comfort in avoiding troubles, you believe in being content, you look inward and believe in peaceful living, when confronted you feel safer in the comfort. Of your home? You are surely an introvert person and the way to succeed in life for an introvert to pursue the path of knowledge and attain peace and aim should be to excel in life through intellectual deeds.

Or, do you like playing the role of aggressor, you find brevity to venture forth in unknown terrain to go far and wide. If you are like a predator whose very stance inspires fear, you are an extrovert whose aim should be to excel in life pursuing the art of action and aim to gain power through it.

Think about it and align your life plan realising your true nature. This will help you get you going in the right direction and you will always find the motivations in doing your duties with ardent energy and positivity.

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