4 Steps Guide For People Who Focus On Achieving The Result

Made Not Born

One thing that can separate you from the ordinary is your ability to deliver results on time. On time is a beautiful thing – we all love it! There are many people who keep setting goals but when it comes to converting their goal into a real thing, they fail. If you have a goal and have been struggling to convert them into real results and feel accomplished, here are four simple steps to get started.

ONE habit to progress to the next level

Have you lately felt like left out? Outdated? Inadequate? Incompetent?
If your subconscious said “YES” read on to regain your lost ground yet again developing the habits of consistent progress.
Tonight, before you go to bed, make a list of 3 important actions you could take to recreate yourself.
Set your alarm clock to wake up 30 minutes earlier and jump out of your bed to get started learning/doing things that can help you get to the next level to accomplish the planned activities for 30 minutes. You will build an inner urge to work further to finish the activity.
Repeat this habit for 2 days then 7 days, then 30 days and then its part of your daily habits.

Creating consistent progress just takes some effort to get going. But once you make it a habit, you’ll never look back.

Don’t just work in a VACCUM

It’s people who control resources, ideas, innovations, money and everything else. To build something meaningful, you need to engage with people to discuss, validate and seek their support to make it more meaningful and relevant. People who build successful products always stay engaged with the community to collaborate and bounce ideas.

It’s time you start building your own community of mentors, peers, advisors, and fans.
Mentors can provide you the guidance and advice you can apply to make things more meaningful.
Peers can help you with their time, efforts and materials to expedite your time to market.
Fans and users can buy your product or services as they trust you for your skills and excellence. They can also spread good words to other people to help you achieve your goals.

To get started with building your network, prepare your list, set the goal and start reaching out to them. You’ll thank yourself for this day as you will see how you’ve delivered a really meaningful result to achieve the success you aimed for yourself.

Honey, I Shipped It!

What is that one thing that you’d ship today, tomorrow or this weekend? Have you set the deadline for it?
We love it when our Amazon shipment arrives on or before time, we love when FedEx delivers our package on time, and we enjoy reaching out to our travel destination on time. On time is a beautiful thing. We love it. To be on time means you must set a deadline and commit yourself for delivering on time.

I’ve worked with people who’d say, “When I will be ready to deliver it, you’ll know.” It simply means that you are working on it without a deadline. You’re peddling aimlessly, developing something, fixing some stuff, rearranging things and planning things with the mindset “Things takes its own course of time to get done.”
– Why don’t you start this week with one deadline?
– Set a goal for this week, mark it on your calendar, and tell it to your spouse, boss or best friend.
– Your goal must be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.
– Decide on the 2-3 actions that you are going to take every day to achieve the set goal.
Call your spouse, boss, or friend over the weekend to tell “Honey, I shipped It!” Take my word, you’d savor the accomplishment over the weekend—and then you’ll be ready to set a new deadline and get it done

Promote Your Work

Today everyone is busy, distracted and living in a noisy world. We are seekers of novelty, social recognition, and connection. It makes us feel accomplished.

You need to communicate your unique values, your work to people and reach out to people who can find value in it. Indirectly this is the job of marketing.

Today, look at your presence across various media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog or any other outlet where you probably need to be present. Look at the values that you are presenting in front of your network and how that is going to help you in making you strike the novelty.

To conclude, if you’ve yet not got started with achieving something meaningful in your life; set your goals first and follow the four-step formula you have just learned here. If you have followed this article and you have started getting the results, please share as a comment for others to draw an inspiration.

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