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You entered your home when it was empty and you keep shopping for the things, which had momentary use, and then you dumped it in the cupboards, beneath the bed storage, and many places. As a standard rule, your home will have many items, which you may not have used for months and years and never going it use it in future as well.

Today throw away some of your old and unused things. When you let go off those items begin watching the empty spaces that you have created, the clean and the clutter free home that you have made. You will start feeling good.
As a ritual, we use to practice annual cleaning and house renovation prior to Diwali. Why don’t you increase the frequency of your house cleaning to at least twice a year. I recall a conversation when the person said “To keep my home clean and clutter free, I have made all the overhead storage cover with the glass. Because we know what is above your head and below your waist, you cannot see it.”
After the clean up exercise, lighten some incense sticks, play devotional music and begin realizing the positivity in your home. It will attract the happiness and power of spiritual forces that will make your living lighter and brighter.

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