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Every morning start with some exercises. When you exercise, your body gets fresh air which energises your body and instills endorphin essential for bringing the freshness and energy into your body. Your exercise must include practices that help exercise mind and body. Do some pranayama, sun salutation, and walking.

While exercising visualise the fresh and glowing white light flowing into your body that brings peace, happiness, and your deservings. Exhale visualising that with the air you are blowing away your worries, ailments and negativity.
Even during the day, if you feel low, just do awareness breathing - focus your attention on your nostril and do deep breathing inhaling air in your body until you fill your stomach, chest, and entire body is expanded and exhale with the force visualising that you are throwing away your worries and ailments.

This will sure keep throwing away the negativity and bringing in the positive life energy into your life.

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