Proud to present my workshops, training, and bootcamp…

with all-star accolades from over 18,000 entrepreneurs and students across India in association with India’s premier educational institutions and entrepreneurial associations like CIIE, IIM- Ahmedabad, SINE, IIT-Bombay, E-Cell, IIIT-Hyderabad, TiE-Mumbai, Saturday Club and many more…

Zero to One Crore Workshop

Quickly assess the opportunities and risks, discover product/market fit and develop strategies that inspire confidence at launching the startup and earn one crore in revenue.

Idea to IPO Strategies

Prepare yourself with the mindset, method, and toolkit necessary for scaling up your business to achieve the income, impact, and success you deserve.

Exponential Growth Planning Bootcamp

Become an exponential growth enabler for your business using the law of compounding based unique 5-step process, innovation, marketing, and action blueprint.

Launch Your Tech Career

Equip yourself with the career roadmap, learning plan, essential soft skills and interviewing tactics to steer your path of becoming a top software developer earning higher salaries and developing modern software.

About Me

I work with business owners and their teams to align their efforts for exponentially better at business-building. Its achieved using an intensive Growth Planning Bootcamp to define meaningful and achievable goals, steps needed to meet those goals and metrics needed to measure along the way to ensure you’re on your biggest year to date.

Once the leadership team is ready with their strategic growth blueprint, I work together with the team as a coach and guide to implement it in their functional areas and steer the path through periodic diagnostic meetings.

I achieve these results based on over 25 years of building over 100s of digital products, starting up and accelerating growth for over half-dozen businesses, generating more than $5 million in revenue, hiring 200+ people and training/mentoring over 20,000 people.

Previously, I led the technology-driven business growth as CEO and Head of Digital Services at Zee Entertainment Enterprises and CIO of Sony Music. My articles on business and technology are published in leading publications including MIS Asia, PC Quest, Data Quest, and many more. I was featured in CNBC Young Turk for launching world’s first 3G Live TV Service inside the car.

I offer workshops and training on Idea to IPO Strategies, Business Planning Bootcamp, Ace Your Tech Career, and spirituality.

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I was featured for many of my first of it’s kind pathbreaking work in leading national and international publications.