Hi, I am Ishwar Jha.

I am an entrepreneur, product evangelist, teacher, speaker, and Writer.

I devote my efforts for developing ideas into real things that allow people to see my soul through my work, and in doing so, feel their own.

Over the past 25 years, I have worked on a dozen of ideas. As a former CEO and Head of Digital Services at Zee Entertainment, I launched several pioneering digital products and services to create a meaningful impact in the lives of people. As a CIO with Sony Music, I foresaw the development and implementation of enterprise systems, digital archive, custom business solutions and contributed in the adaptation of futuristic technologies for business leadership.

I build digital businesses and help others build theirs. Over the past years, I’ve worked with dozens of entrepreneurs, was a keynote speaker and panelist at global conferences, wrote and published 100s of articles, and mentor startup entrepreneurs at entrepreneurial forums, startup accelerators and incubators worldwide.

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1. I had know you during our Zee days and hence a certain respect and recognition of competencies was always there. During our multiple interactions as an entrepreneur, I found your conduct truly professional, articulate and businesslike. Your ideas and concepts pertaining to both out companies were relevant, interesting and value addition to our projects and business models.

2. You have amazed me with your lateral thinking on the digital aspect of our business and more importantly your clarity in understanding of our USP and consumer ease. You have simplified the product innovation and digital strategy of our project so succinctly that its core proposition has got strengthened.

3. I particularly felt wow when you convinced me that Mobile is not the second screen but the first screen. I also felt great when you convinced me about getting off the mark and then building it from there rather than waiting for a perfect launch pad, endlessly. I also felt wow when one of our company’s logo ( asteriskos media ) that was created by you, was loved by HBO International CEO and particularly when he mentioned that its better than their logo.

4. Clearly, working with you was a successful experience. Of course, start up ventures like us always wish that they get more of your time always.

It has been a great pleasure and privilege to work with you and exchange vibrant and futuristic ideas. Our association would surely bring about great enterprise value in future.

Bharat Ranga

Founder and CEO, Rancorp Media Pvt. Ltd. Former CEO of International Business at Zee Entertainment

It has been my pleasure and privilege to call you a friend. Right from the first time we met at Zee you have conducted yourself with warmth honesty and Integrity. I have always admired your technological acumen and the accompanying humility and patience to explain technical concepts in layman terms.

I am reminded of the lecture you gave a local Business School ..the lecture was on the subject "From idea to IPO" a three hour long lecture where the students sat enthralled. The remarkable thing in that speech was that you spoke to them, you did not speak down to them. I came away impressed by your ability to communicate effectively and with such ease that you made the audience comfortable and engrossed.

Whenever an opportunity has presented itself to work with you, I have welcomed it with open arms and will always continue to do so because of the love I have for you as a friend, regard for you as a technocrat and respect for you as a human being.

Rajiv Vyas

Entrepreneur. Started companies in Media, Finance and management consultancy.