I am a founder and CEO fo Appetals Solutions, a Mumbai, India based company working with startups as well as enterprise customers to get a competitive edge in the new digital world. We help our clients build a high-performance enterprise using proven strategies and modern technologies to automate people, processes, and environments.

I also write Founders Handbook and blog posts about tech career and business building.

In my free time, I offer workshops, training, and mentoring to startups and SME business owners on Idea to IPO Strategies, Zero to One Crore, and Launch Your Tech Career.

I achieve these results based on over 25 years of building 100s of digital products, starting up and accelerating growth for over half-dozen businesses, generating more than $5 million in revenue, hiring 200+ people and training/mentoring over 20,000 people.

Previously, I led the technology-driven business growth as CEO and Head of Digital Services at Zee Entertainment Enterprises and CIO of Sony Music. My articles on business and technology are published in leading publications including MIS Asia, PC Quest, Data Quest, and many more. I was featured in CNBC Young Turk for launching world’s first 3G Live TV Service inside the car.

I was featured for many of my first of it’s kind pathbreaking work in leading national and international publications.

This alone shall solve all your problems

A hungry, tired, and empty-handed disciple turns to a monk for help. After carefully listening to the pain of his disciple, the monk hands him over a shining object. "This alone shall solve all of your problems provided you reach out to the right person." says the...

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How do you remind yourself of your duties

You love to keep setting the goals, targets, agendas, and duties, yet caught up in the day to day urgency, you keep forgetting it. Have you ever asked yourself about why it happens? Arjuna decides to fight the war. He invites Lord Krishna to become his mentor and...

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